Healthy Heart & Gut Specials Menu

Claire’s background before she took on the Delamere Station House is within the health and fitness industry. Working as a personal trainer, freelance group instructor, Phase 4 cardiac rehab coach and completing a MSc in weight management in childhood obesity she has helped many people look at their diets and lifestyles and implemented changes to help improve their health.

In 2022 Claire is passionate about bringing this knowledge to the Delamere Station House and offering healthier food options for those wanting to make healthier food choices.

In February Claire wants to share with you her heart and gut boosting menu. We offer such an extensive menu to our customers, and Claire has always lived by the principle of everything in moderation, but it is always nice to have plenty of options when dining out.

Here is a link to the British Heart Foundation about healthy foods for healthy hearts

Healthy eating – reduce your risk of developing heart disease (

Here is a link from the famous Tim Spector who is the leader in Gut Health research which discusses in detail about a Healthy microbiome, healthy gut, healthy body.

Coronavirus: how to keep your gut microbiome healthy to fight COVID-19 | Feature from King’s College London (

Claire will be sharing with you information throughout February on heart boosting foods and gut boosting foods.