WildFlower Project at Delamere Station House

Claire is heading up and embarking on a project which focuses on  habitat creation work, in particular clearing a bank next to the train station and seeding with native wildflowers and bulbs to provide a natural habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. She has teamed up with Northern Rail and Mid-Cheshire Railway Association and Cheshire Wildlife Trust who are also keen for this and similar work to be undertaken at many community railway stations.

A similar project was first undertaken when Claire father renovated the Delamere Station House around 40 years ago where he cleared and planted the area. Over the years the area has been neglected and Claire is keen to clear the area of ivy and invasive weeds to make way for wildflowers.
The project will take place over a phased approach. The first phase involves clearing a smaller area freeing it from ivy and weeds and preparing the rea for planting of seeds.

Claire has received plenty of support in the form of volunteers to help clear the area. The proposed date for clearing the area is Tuesday 10th August. If anybody would like to support this project please contact Claire on info@delamerestationhouse.co.uk