Eco Organics Shop

Eco Organics Shop

Our exciting shop came about from a conversation Claire had with a new resident from the new housing estate positioned across from the railway station. The conversation was around stocking a few items that would work for local residents but that would be sustainable and environmentally friendly. So this took Claire down the road of researching UK Based companies that offer these products and other products that would also serve the visitors of the forest too.

From this conversation the Eco Organics shop idea grew, but where would we have this shop was the next question.

After a bit of jigging stuff around and some decorating and new shelving our shop was born. Claire has spent some of the recent lockdown looking for products to offer in this shop. What would visitors want? Activity books for children for the forest, forest adventure scrapbooks, pencils. With the great british weather, ponchos and umbrellas are stocked all eco friendly and made from recycled plastic bottles. Maybe you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for a friend who is a vegan.. look no further. our plant based candles are the perfect gift. We are also stocking eco friendly bamboo and glass straws, reusable coffee cups (PLUS you get a free drink with you purchase of your cup), thermal bootles, picnic sets, local cards, children’s book, local honey, jams and chutneys.We are always looking to support other small local businesses too, so if you have a product that ticks these boxes get in touch.

Delamere Station House now stock a range of white, red and prosecco wines available to take away that are in line with our environmentally friendly/organic ethos.

Stellar Organics Running Duck. Available in white and red wine.

Stellar is one of South Africa’s largest organic wine producers and is the leading ethical wine brand in the UK. Founded by the Rossouw brothers in 2000, Stellar is a passionate and innovative winery, continually pushing the boundaries of winemaking whilst keeping ethical, social and environmental principles at the heart of everything they do. Stellar are the world’s top producers of no added sulphur wines, the purest expression of organic winemaking. The vineyards are patrolled as organically as possible assisted by Indian Runner ducks, which act as natural pest removers. Stellar is Fair For Life certified and the Stellar Foundation is committed to improving the life of its vibrant worker community.

Sea Change. Available in white and red wine.

 In response to the huge environmental challenges facing the World’s oceans, 10 International has launched a new wine concept. Sea Change is a range of ethically sourced, environmentally conscious wines designed to help tackle this global issue through the generation and donation of funds to key charities and environmental projects.

The range has been designed with minimal packaging in mind to reduce potential waste and to maximise its conservation credentials.

Sea Change supports multiple charities across the globe, with the aim of aiding organisations that raise awareness as well as those that take direct.

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