Yuletide Tales with our Professional Storey Teller, Helen Stewart

Allow our professional storyteller to take your child on an enchanting Christmas journey . Gather in our Christmas grotto and relax into our haybales with your child and listen to the storytelling, allowing Helen to lead you all on a magical journey.

Listen to some of these festive stories such as;

How the Tsar eats his Christmas puddings,

How to get Baby Jesus off to sleep,

How a Polar Bear made the king of Norway laugh,

Who was the camel that carried the gifts to the stable,

And many more heart-warming Tales

No book, no script, just the Storyteller and her audience

Helen will enthral and entertain you with Tales from all over the world.

Our Christmas grotto is small and so we will be holding 2 sittings every hour. When making your booking please choose your time slot and arrive 10 minutes early. Children must be accompanied by 1 adult at all times. Ticket costs are the same for adult and children.

After the storytelling your child will receive a baby Christmas tree for them to plant into a pot for their bedroom and then plant outside once Christmas is over. #sustainablechristmasgift